What Parents are Saying about APL

The parents of our students have resoundingly supported the work we do.

"My daughter Sammy and son Titi are typically developing learners who both attend APL. This school has been a terrific experience for both of them. They are excelling academically and truly enjoying the vibrant social environment. I am also proud that they embrace the diversity at the school and are continuing to grow as caring and empathetic people."

— Claudia, APL Mother

"Our daughter was diagnosed with Aspergers at 3 years of age. We have tried different therapies, including ABA, over the last 5 years and found it to be the most effective. Our daughter was 7 when we enrolled her in APL and truly only then did we realize what was lacking in her education to this point. At APL, through the effective implementation of ABA therapy, she not only wants to go to school, she is growing and thriving. Since she is gaining more of an understanding of social norms, she is able to take the next steps that follow being in a classroom with both typical and special needs children. She talks to us about school now, as opposed to avoiding conversations. The staff at APL has been patient and supportive - they know what they are doing. We have no complicated IEP meetings that go nowhere and we have peaceful evenings. To see our child happy, and with people that care about her, is worth more than anything and we have found that at APL."

— APL Father

"The journey to find the most effective learning environment for our child started in Kindergarten when it became painfully clear that the public school she attended was not going to work. The year was stressful, uncomfortable and confusing, and one that gratefully led us to APL. Our daughter does not have a diagnosis, her challenge is that she found it difficult to learn effectively in a large classroom setting. My husband and I looked at several private schools of varying sizes with appealing mission statements and facilities, but we always left hoping for, rather than witnessing, the program that we felt would adequately address her needs. Then we visited APL. There it was-- small class size, inclusive, with truly individualized curriculum aligned to each childs unique academic and social journey, all with plenty of support!

Today we could not be more pleased with our daughter's progress. She is surrounded by staff who are highly educated, motivated and brilliantly facile in the use of different curriculum, learning tools and techniques to address all of her needs. We receive daily progress reports that document her day and most importantly her accomplishments. Her social and emotional needs are being met through the warm and welcoming classroom environment where all her peers and schoolmates are being supported academically and emotionally. Our daughter is so happy and her joy makes us grateful every day."

— Casey, APL Parent

"APL has given me peace of mind, an assurance that my children will receive the education they deserve and a community that accepts our family for who we are. I have a son in 3rd grade and a daughter in 2nd grade at APL. My son was diagnosed with Asperger’s at the age of 5, just 2 weeks before starting Kindergarten and my daughter is typically developing. School was a challenge for my son - following classroom rules, understanding social norms and producing work were some of his challenges. Having teachers and staff who truly understand autism has made all the difference for him. It was important to me, that if my son was going to leave his current school that the whole family went too and APL provided a great fit for my daughter as well. APL provides my son and daughter with individualized education that allows them to learn at their own pace and explore who they are - their interests, their character and their talents. And APL provides me with a parent community that accepts me and my whole family unconditionally with the support and understanding that we need as families challenged with autism."

— Michelle, APL Mother

"When our foster daughter Gloria came to us three years ago at age 10, she was in fifth grade but could not read or write. For two years we struggled, trying many different approaches to teach her literacy. Gloria disliked school and was too shy and embarrassed to make many friends. Then a friend encouraged us to visit APL. This fall, Gloria enrolled in the new middle school program. Within a week, we began to see changes. Gloria was excited to go to school, and at the end of the day she couldn't wait to tell us what she and her new friends had learned. She smiled more, had more energy, and no longer did we get calls from school asking us to pick her up because of a headache or upset stomach. When we visited her class at APL we didn't see a sad little girl slouched over her desk with her hood up, but a popular, happy preteen reaching out to her fellow students and taking pride in her work. By mid-October, Gloria began to read! Short words at first, then sentences, and now paragraphs. She is so proud of her achievement, and so thrilled that she can now email her friends, read the menu at Starbucks, and take the quizzes in her favorite magazine! Before we found APL, we felt resigned that we had a daughter who just didn't like school, and couldn't learn. Now we know all she needed was to come to this very special school, for which we are so grateful."

— Lisa, APL Mother

"My son Dan was really struggling before he came to APL. I felt that no matter how much I advocated for individualized education and inclusion, his success was dependent on who his teacher was at that time, their personal beliefs about children on the autism spectrum, or what training his para educator had. Dan was extremely stressed and as a result, he developed many unacceptable behaviors. My heart was breaking, because year after year despite my best efforts, the educational and social gap between Dan and his peers widened. Since coming to APL, Dan has begun making a real turn around. I am so relieved, knowing I can send him to APL every day without worrying if his academic and social needs are being met. The exceptionally skilled and caring staff at APL collaborate to ensure that Dan receives the highly individualized education and social enrichment every child needs. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have Dan attending APL, it's truly been a lifesaver."

— Tami, APL Mother

"We enrolled our son Porter at APL in Fall 2010 after a search for the right academic and social fit. At APL, we have found that match. The adaptive instructional approach, individualized for each student, along with the expertise and enthusiasm of the teaching team have led to great academic and social progress for Porter. The teaching team is remarkably engaged with Porter, meeting him where he is at and where he needs to go—seeing his strengths and working on his opportunities with unique approaches and continual feedback. Porter has made marked improvement in his core academics as well as his ability to make friends and fit in overall. He loves school, is proud of his accomplishments, and looks forward to going each day. The APL experience has also provided a community for us as a family. Coming to APL has been the best choice we’ve made in years."

— Tim & Raquel, APL Father & Mother

"Attending APL has been a phenomenal experience for our son Augie. The therapy based approach has done wonders for his behavior and focus, allowing him to make amazing strides in his academic work. In just 5 months at APL, Augie has learned to work in a group environment and is now excelling in all areas. Before APL he knew individual words and letters and now he is reading entire books -- he used to know numbers and now he does math.

The leadership and staff have created a supportive and nurturing environment for the students and Augie is actually excited about going to school everyday. The entire APL team is so good with Augie, when we drop him off in the morning we know that he is going to get great care and instruction and is in the best environment to reach his full potential. That is a great feeling!"

— Patrick & Mary, APL Parents

Limited spots remain available in APL’s K-12 classrooms for the upcoming school year.

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